In my State of Mind

My joy arrested
Now is free
Peace hugs me from behind
Hard to believe
An avalanche of all I lost
Still hard story believe
Sparkles here and there
Off I reach
The softness and calmness
My heart is free
An August surprise from Thee
Who am I
Just a girl maybe
In my bijou state of mind
~Raudat Mohammed ~


He is a Tale

Passed to young and old

He is the Key

That only fits her whole

He is the Warrior

That only fights her war

He is a King

Crown more begotten

He is a Lion

Clans hear him roar

He is a Charmer

Women love his guts

He is a Lover

Serenades her the best

He is a Story

One she’ll always tell

He is an Art

The one she loves the most

He is a Tale

Passed to young and old

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~Raudat Muhammed~


I like him Bronzed and skin shiny
A born King from African descent
One rain would reach long before me
Schedule so tight we can’t resist
Muscles fly but flesh be seen
Brows so full to beat my scanty

I like him Mature et jaunty
Man with words soaked in wisdom
One that knows how to please us
And loves in thin-thick and deeper
Man so gentle yet so wild-
Is what I’ll have Day and Night

~Raudat Muhammed~

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Round and round the globe

Taking the wrong boring roads

With men clothed in fur

Believing their words for real

Crone’s words I disbelieved

That love is not done alone

That love is sweet and mutual

And filled with peace and respect

How do I stop but count

Two or plenty of times

My heart had wrongly dived

To the ones I thought would fit

He is an Angel, yes for real

Amidst the deviling crowd

Sent to flush my misery

A partner, blood and soulmate

I will stand on Everest peak

Roar more than the loudest

And tell the best of listeners

That you are my Lover, my King

Let it be known now and forever

That Love is no pain but gains

And if Love is this deal I feel

I never loved until now

~Raudat Muhammed~


Not afraid of the sun

Not shaken by the prying eyes

Swaggered to the statue of gold

Like a man face to face

With his dreams, his future

Maybe she is his Future

For no man alike would be led

Only one like her, shiny as Gold

To take a grip of this statue

Same statue men seized and failed

And day light it clearly is

Undaunted soul from mankind 

Stole this statue, melted

Even before the grip from him

He was the Man, her King

Raudat Muhammed

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Does it mean I’m in love?

When I include you in my prayers

Before the early morning sun

Does it mean I’m in love?
When I try to look my best

Anytime you call to see me

Does it mean I’m in love?
When I close my eyes

And all I see is you and me 

Does it mean I’m in love?
When I’m sick and weak

And your presence heals me quick

Does it mean I’m in love?
When I cancel other plans

Just to be with you

Does it mean I’m in love?